Sometimes it’s the card that counts

We’re not big into cards. We don’t like sending them for the sake of sending them. Of course we conform to expectations and send them to family as and when needs be. But to each other, the default setting is no card unless there’s meaning behind it.

When I hit the big 4-0 though, I did get one. Edd had gone down a rabbit hole in the interweb and found the amazing Iain Hamilton, aka ‘Bewilderbeest’.  The card sang to him, was loved by me, and it’s now awaiting framing. The sign of a great card.  He’s renowned for his brilliant animal related puns – the ‘shih Tzu’ one is a firm favourite with our 12-year-old son and is already on his wall (find this and other animal designs here:

We know that there are like-minded people out there – those who want a card that counts, not one from Clintons (sorry Clintons, you’re just not our bag….but each to their own and all that). That the usual cards for the Tinkerer and Fixer, the makers, menders, growers, are often terribly naff.  Believe us, we’ve received a fair few of them in our time…. an idyllic looking garden scene tended to an inch of its life (rather than being a rambling jungle like ours), or a well-intentioned drawing of a concourse-standard classic car (rather than our function over form mechanical style).

So, in steps our small collection of cards from Bewilderbeest – which, if you're buying things for the Tinkerer and Fixer in your life from us - for the maker, mender or grower - you can add to your gift. We only stock a few - so our suggestions are: 

    • Valentine’s Day card: ‘I’m nuts about you’ or ‘You rule’
    • Exam congratulations or new job congratulations card: ‘Nailed it’
    • Birthday card: ‘You rule’ or 'I’m nuts about you’
    • Mothers Day or Fathers Day: ‘You Rule’


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