Some gift ideas for sewers!

Gift ideas for sewers from Tinker and Fix

If you're looking to buy a great gift for Christmas for the sewer in your life - why not have a look at our selection of sewing gifts? 

We really rate Merchant and Mills - particularly their books - for giving some great ideas and for offering a step by step sewing guide too. We stock both the: 

  • Merchant & Mills Sewing Book - which has some interesting projects and guidance to help bring them to life. This is a particularly good gift (we've given it to numerous people) as it's a bit like a cook book, you like reading it, and eventually when you get round to making something, you love the book even more!
  • Elementary Sewing Skills Book - which is a smaller guide book that focuses just on key stitches and techniques. 

As with any sewing project, as well as having the right skills and talents (something we are a bit lacking tbh - unless it's leather!), it’s the tools that make the job easier and more enjoyable.  The vital tools for sewing are scissors and snips – that’s why we sell Whiteley’s scissors (still made in Sheffield, so the quality is great) – and the top three tools any sewer needs (and therefore would make a great gift for them) are:

One final thing that makes a good gift for sewing fans is the lovely Merchant and Mills 'notions box' - which includes all the bits and pieces you need to 'do' your project - from pins and needles to a seam rippers and some tailor's chalk. 

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