Sneeboer is back in stock!

Sneeboer garden tools are back in stock at Tinker and Fix After a LONG time waiting, we are finally delighted to be able to say that Sneeboer Garden Tools are now back in stock! 
This was our big Christmas order that we were hoping to have had in time for Goodwood Revival in September.... obviously it's a bit late coming - but good things come to those who wait!

So this is what has arrived and is in stock:

Six different Sneeboer Trowels:

Three different Sneeboer tools for weeding:

Sneeboer Spades & Forks: 

Without wanting to sound at all pushy.... if there's something you have your eye on, please do order it sooner rather than later as we'd hate you to come back and find they have gone.  We do have more deliveries booked in for later on in the year, however, we simply cannot guaranty when they will arrive. 

Don't forget that we do take special orders - so if there are any Sneeboer garden tools that you would like but we don't stock, we can add it onto our order for you. Please just contact us and we can confirm price and estimate which order this may arrive on. 

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