Sneeboer back in stock!

Sneeboer garden tools

It's always an exciting day at Tinker and Fix when it's Sneeboer delivery day!

We have a full range of Sneeboer garden tools available here in the UK and ready for delivery (just in time for Christmas present planning!)

We are pleased to have the following back in stock

And we have plenty of stock of the most popular Sneeboer gardening tools (in part thanks to Monty Don's use of them on Gardener's World!)

We also have these garden hand tools:

Along with a few larger Sneeboer gardening tools: 

As ever - if you want to know more about Sneeboer garden tools, then just get in touch, or have a look at our instagram feed for videos on each of the tools - what makes them the best gardening tools you can buy for yourself or as a gift for the gardener in your life (especially as a treat for Christmas!) 

Here's our helpful 'how to guide' about Sneeboer - why they are a great investment and which ones you should buy. 


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