Returning to Goodwood Revival!

Tinker and Fix return to Goodwood!We are so excited to be returning to Goodwood Revival in a couple of weeks time!

Last year we didn’t really know what to expect, having never been before (although it was always on our wish list) and having never taken Tinker and Fix to such a large show before. It was a blast - to be a part of such an iconic event was just great.

The range of cars and motorbikes on display is astonishing. The racing is breathtaking and the atmosphere goes far beyond just being ‘car heaven’ - it’s brilliant fun!  Everyone is up for laugh and to enjoy themselves - the costumes are sublime (the effort people go to is unreal!), the music is great, there are fairground rides, good food and even a chance to take in a drive in movie or do some roller skating!

Without wanting to sound like the Goodwood Revival marketing department, we just encourage anyone who has thought about going, to make it happen - we promise it’s definitely worth it!

And of course, you can come and visit us at our stand. We’re in exactly the same place as last year - so hopefully anyone who saw us last year can come and find us easily again this year too!

We’ll be bringing along a whole stack of great quality tools and kit...
And this year, we’re pleased to bring our new Skatewood Axe - last year our painted axes proved popular talking points (apparently there is a Goodwood axe throwing club?!) so we think our beautiful Skatewood Axes will be something new to chat about!

Of course, we’ll also bring along Carhartt Aprons (which we didn’t have last year due to stock issues!) and Carharrt Overalls , Whiteley scissors and Opinel penknives.

If you are heading to Goodwood Revival and would like us to bring something specific along, do just let us know and we’ll add it to our list and look forward to seeing you then!

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