Proudly introducing our new penknife – The Andersson & Copra Urban Husky

Andersson & Copra penknife available in the UK at Tinker and Fix

Edd’s always on the lookout for new and interesting tools.  He goes down rabbit holes on the internet which result in him showing me some gorgeous looking tool, knife or bit of kit that’s being made by some ridiculously talented people in a far-flung place somewhere in the world.

The Andersson & Copra Urban Husky folding knife is a result of one of his rabbit holes, our ensuing conversation and mutual drooling.  So it made the perfect birthday gift. Which then became the newest tool we wanted to stock. We don’t specialise in selling penknives – so they have to really be special for us to choose to stock them. And the Andersson & Copra Urban Husky is definitely that. 

Made by the ridiculously talented husband and wife team Joel Andersson and Adisa Copra - who met while studying metal design and have well over two decades of experience in metal design and fabrication. Together they design, forge and make the highest quality kitchen and folding knives.

Andersson & Copra penknife available in the UK at Tinker and Fix

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and hand made using local materials, Anderson & Copra have taken a very strong design influence from Japan (the Higonokami style of folding knives) – so the Urban Husky penknife has got an unusual and interesting international feel about it.

It looks stunning as it’s beautifully simple in design, with a slim friction folder profile that fits nicely flush in your pocket. The best news for us in Britain is that you can keep it in your pocket at all times – because it’s a UK legal carry.  This is thanks to it being non locking and having a blade length of less than 3 inches.  It’s still an incredibly sharp and strong penknife – made from Sandvik 14c28 steel with a Scandi grind (so it’s much easier to keep sharp too).  

You can choose from either Copper or Brass handle – both are lovely looking, but the Copper one is particularly unusual for this style of folding knife (giving you that extra justification that it could fit nicely into your collection, or be assured that the penknife lover that you are buying it for as a gift won’t have a similar one!)

So - whether you are a big EDC fan, or just an appreciator of really well designed and made penknives, we reckon you'll love the Andersson & Copra Urban Husky folding knife as much as do. 

- Lou - 

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