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Carhartt Aprons in stock at Tinker and Fix

The whole point of wearing an apron is to protect you from getting mucky – to stop you ruining your clothes. Of course the Carhartt apron does this – especially as it gives you great coverage given you can wear it quite high up on the body (it has cross back tie straps, so you can adjust where it sits to suit your body shape or your preference).

What’s great about the Carhartt apron is that they seem to transcend purpose. They aren’t just used by mechanics and makers in the workshop or garage, they are also worn by carpenters and DIY fans.  They are also popular with makers and creatives - in the art studio or in schools (we know a Design Technology teacher who wears one). We also know some gardeners who like to wear them whilst potting things out or planting seeds in the greenhouse. Less practically speaking – although still ‘hands-on’ - they are hugely popular in the kitchen with cooks, especially when cooking outdoors – thanks to being so heavy duty, they do work very well as a bit of protection when using a BBQ. And if you haven’t been to a coffee shop or restaurant that has some of their waiting staff wearing them, then perhaps you need to turn your coffee compass to ‘hipster’ and you’ll soon see them being sported. 

So – yes the Carhart Apron definitely keeps you covered while you get to work (whatever that work may be).  But the reason we reckon they are so popular is not just because they keep you clean. And not because they look good (hence waiters or baristas wearing them). But because they’ve got loads of pockets. Unlike other aprons that have no pockets (really?!) or one large one across the front – the Carhartt Apron has plenty of pockets to put things. Whatever the tools of your trade may be, there’s a pocket for it. There are six large pockets around the waist area (two are slightly smaller depth).  There are three, what we call, pencil pockets right in the middle. There are two side pockets.  Then you get to the top pocket area. Where there are two more pockets and a zipped pocket. Basically – if you’ve got this far, if you are that interested in reading about pockets – we reckon you’ll be absolutely fine with Carhartt apron. Unless you use a wood lathe, in which case the pockets are a pain as they fill up with wood shavings.

The apron comes in Carhartt brown and black. There’s also the same cut but in a denim fabric.

Stock does vary. We buy them when we can get them – so if we have them in stock – get them whilst you can! If they aren’t in stock – drop us an email and we can let you know what the wait time may be.

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