Possibly now a perfect petrol can?

Tinker and Fix metal petrol canWith the recent warm weather and the approaching end of No Mow May it’s time to get the mower out.

If you are tired of your plastic container that leaks on the way back from the petrol station and spills when you fill up the lawn mower then take a look at our Tinker and Fix petrol can.

They are an all metal construction - made by the original WW2 manufacturer - with a screw cap that has a magnetic holder and a flexible spout with a breather pipe so it pours rather than “glugs.” 

A new addition, this year, is that Edd has added an additional leather strap on the handle to keep the spout secure. It's practical and looks good too (sort of sums Tinker and Fix up really).  So we reckon it could now be the perfect metal petrol can... 

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