Peak weeding time... invest in the right tools for the job

Collection of weeding tools - Niwaki Hori Hori garden knife, Sneeboer royal dutch hoe, Sneeboer stone scratcher, Niwaki garden hoe

The peak weeding time in the garden and we’re on hand to help you get the right gardening tools in your hand to ensure you can do the job effectively. Having the right weeding tools will help – make the job easier and hopefully a little less arduous.  

Here’s what we strongly recommend as being the best garden tools for weeding - our top 4 weeding tools:


1. Japanese Hori Hori garden knife
The Hori Hori is an amazing garden tool that we rave about all the time because it’s incredibly versatile around the garden.  In the spring and autumn we talk about using it to plant bulbs or cut turf, but it really does come into its own during the summer months as it is particularly good for weeding. Our advice is to just have it on you whilst you are gardening then you can tackle the weeds as you see them.

There are lots of variations of Hori Hori garden knife that we currently sell – all great at weeding – so it comes down to personal choice:

  • Niwaki Hori-Hori garden knife is made from high carbon steel and comes with a lovely sheath (so makes a good gift for gardeners).
  • The Tinker and Fix Hori-Hori garden knife– is made of stainless steel (meaning it doesn’t rust if you leave it out in the garden) and has depth markers. We sell two versions – one that is serrated and one that isn’t. The serrated is our go-to Hori Hori. Whilst the standard Hori-Hori is quite popular because we do painted versions (again good for gardening gifts or for gardeners who tend to lose their tools in the garden and need to be able to easily see them!)
  • Our Skatewood Hori Hori – heavy duty and looks beautiful too. It does the same job, but perhaps makes weeding a little more enjoyable as it is so great to look at and use!

2. The Sneeboer Flat stone scratcher 
This Sneeboer stone scratcher (great name!) is more specialist – it is specifically designed to get rid of those annoying seeds and weeds that come up between your paving stones. It’s perfectly designed to get in between the cracks to clear out and cut through your weeds. As with all garden tools from Sneeboer, it is made to do the job well and to last for years. It’s forged stainless steel, you can sharpen the edge so you’ll be able to keep it working effectively to cut the roots of your weeds.  Yes you can buy a cheap plastic one, but this one works brilliantly – importantly its cherry handle is so comfortable to use) and will become a trusted garden tool for weeding.

3. Niwaki weeding hoe
As with all Niwaki garden tools, this Niwaki weeding hoe is sharp and effective. They know blades, so if you want to cut something – like weeds – then Niwaki is a reliable choice! You can draw this weeding hoe across the surface and you’ll clear up the weeds in no time. It’s a great option for sorting your weeds.

4. Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe
We cannot rave about this enough. Unlike standard hoes that bounce across the surface (especially when you have rubbish heavy soil like ours), this Royal Dutch Hoe from Sneeboer easily and effectively bites into the soil. It has a ‘crown’ shape (hence its name) meaning it clears weeds effortlessly on both the push and the pull – so it seems to cut weeding time down (always a bonus!).  

We do have these in full size – but they are a nightmare to send out (it’s 165cm long) so get in touch if you’d like one of these, as we have to sort shipping.


Good luck with keeping the weeds at bay in your garden this Summer! If you want to watch a video which shows these tools in the hand, then head over to Instagram.

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