New great stuff from Niwaki

New great stuff from Niwaki available at Tinker and Fix

Not a day goes by when we don’t have Niwaki in our hands if we are in the garden.

Renowned for making ‘great stuff from Japan’, we have been wanting to really look at their whole, expanding, range for a while – so we took a trip down to see their showroom and chat through all of their garden tools in detail with the Niwaki team.  It was great to have time (thanks to their team who happily whiled away a fair few hours with us) to really see the differences between all the different Niwaki garden tools. Meaning we were able to compare them to the ones we know and love and seeing what else fits in the Tinker and Fix garden (and, hopefully yours too).

So – what’s new from Niwaki?

Firstly, we’re delighted to now be stocking their brand NEW toolboxes. Classic Japanese design with their own Niwaki flair – in a stunningly bright and funky yellow, that many will recognise as the same colour that features on some of their secateur handles and their Toyota show truck. Perfect for storing seeds or your Niwaki garden tools… they make a great addition to the wide range of Japanese steel tool boxes we already stock in both the Trusco and Toyo Y-350 barntop tool box and the large T-190 component size toolbox.

Secondly, having been big fans of the Niwaki Garden Shears for some time, we’re now stocking the Niwaki Loppers and the Niwaki Mini Shears. Both are astonishingly good quality garden cutters. The Niwaki Loppers are great for cutting off branches or breaking them down to dispose of them. The Niwaki mini garden shears are just brilliant too – more manageable and a useful size – for fitting in and around things, compared to the larger garden shears. Do you need both pair of Niwaki shears? Well it depends on how much stuff you have to clip and keep in shape – you may decide just one pair will work – if so, you now have a choice of how big you want to go.  The mini shears are considerably lighter – so that’s a definite bonus depending on your arm strength or how long you want to be able to use them for. But if you need a bit of extra reach – they larger ones may be your better option. 

Thirdly… we came away with some new knowledge (we have been mistakenly calling Crean Mate the wrong name for years – that’s the problem with two dyslexics running a company – who wrongly assumed it was ‘Cream mate’!)

And finally… we’ve now got some other Niwaki secateurs and tools on test – and we’ll let you know what we think and where they fit to our selection of Niwaki Garden Tools when they’ve had a good few gardening sessions.

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