Our Skatewood garden tools featured in Country Life Magazine!

Tinker and Fix Skatewood garden tools - hori hori and sneeboer in Christmas Gift guide for presents for gardeners We're delighted that Country Life Magazine has included our Skatewood garden tools in their Christmas Gift Guide! 

The two Skatewood gardening tools are featured on the 'green fingered' present guide - alongside lots of other lovely suggestions that would make great gift ideas for gardeners. 

The Garden Trowel: was our first Skatewood tool, and is an upgrade to the handles of Sneeboer's (already great) Transplanting trowel.  They are always made in limited batch runs and they usually sell out quite quickly - so if you are thinking about one as a Christmas present, do get one sooner rather than later!
They are the amazing Sneeboer quality - a trowel that will work brilliantly and look great too. 

The Japanese Hori-Hori garden Knife: We created Skatewood Hori Hori's because they are so incredibly popular (as they are a brilliant all-round gardening tool). We used a heavy duty Hori-Hori gardening knife because of its full tang construction, which made the process more straightforward and robust - as the handle could be made, shaped and then pinned onto the Hori-Hori 'blade'. Edd's already started to make sheaths for these - leather ones - after being asked for one by a customer. So if you'd like one adding to your Hori-Hori purchase (as it would make a great gift idea with the sheath) then just get in touch and we can discuss this. 

As a small independent business, it's great to see our garden tools 'out there' and included in gift guides from national titles. We're proud of them and think they make unique and distinctive gifts for gardeners - but it's nice to see that others think the same too!

Do buy a copy of Country Life magazine to see the full gift guide - as it is full of interesting present ideas for people who like outdoor, country life. 

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