Our second selection of Sneeboer Skatewood trowels

Sneeboer Skatewood Trowels from Tinker and Fix

Last year we had an idea. To make the nicest trowel we know, look even nicer. To be the ultimate gift for gardeners – something that looks stunning but is absolutely brilliant to use both now and for many years to come.

The Sneeboer transplanting trowel is, we believe, one of the most useful all round garden tools that Sneeboer makes. Everyone uses and needs a great trowel in their life. This is it.

Skatewood is, we (also) believe, one of the most beautiful materials for creating interesting and always totally unique wooden handles. Edd became a Skatewood convert a few years back when he bought a replacement gear knob for our Landrover Defender. An absolute over-kill for the job in hand – it changes gears the same as its plastic predecessor. But every journey is now just that tiny bit more pleasurable with the new handle – it looks great, it feels great in the hand, and over the years it’s getting its own patina. Importantly, it means we are likely to still be smiling, despite the fact that the rain is repeatedly dripping on us from the door tops or sunroof.  

It's a tricky material to work with – you need to collect it up (from broken skate board decks). Then you need to laminate it into workable blocks. This requires real skill to visualise the end aesthetic to physically place the decks next to each other that will end up as the final pattern. Only at this point do you have a material that you can then work with to make great handles. Which is when the skill of the woodworker comes into play for a second time – to make handles that fit well in the hand.  For this project we use Dedwood Designs - as his handle making quality matches the quality of the Sneeboer transplanting trowels. 

Sneeboer Skatewood Trowels - perfect high quality unique gifts for gardeners - from Tinker and Fix

What we end up with is a great collection of Skatewood Sneeboer garden trowels that look – well – we can’t think of any other word than - epic. Every single one is unique – no one else will have one quite like it. We did a limited run at Christmas and we’ve got another limited run this Spring. 

We know they make cracking gifts for the gardener in your life. We also know that people buy them as treats for themselves.  Without wanting to sound too dramatic about it all – they are limited in number, if you definitely want one, please don’t wait as you may be disappointed (they sold within days last time) - you can find them here... 

Now the only decision is which one to go for… but we promise… whichever one you chose, you will love how it looks and (more importantly) how great it is to use in the garden.

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