Our 'Rule of 6' Workshop tools

Keeping this list to just six was tough - but that's the 'Rule of Six'.  It really depends on the job being done, so I’ve interpreted this as the six must haves for frequent use.

Elementary Screwdriver No.1: Fundamental to most jobs – being able to loosen and tighten screws and fittings without stripping heads makes life a lot easier.  The wooden handle feels get in the hand and the fact that you just switch out the driver bits to suit the job is spot on.

King Dick Spanners: Start with a quality set and they’ll last you a lifetime.  I’m counting a full set of metric and imperial combination spanners as one item (it’s my rules.)

Wera Zyklops Ratchet: Just a well designed and high quality ratchet.  You can get rebuild kits for them but after multiple years of abuse I don’t think I’ll need to buy one of those for a while.

Carter’s Claw Hammer: The universal screwdriver .... a workshop necessity and for more than just nails.

Allen Keys: Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time working on mountain bikes – and Ikea furniture – that a set of Allen keys is on this list.  Spend a little more for a quality brand with the longer handles and you’ll reduce the number of rounded heads.

Liggoo Head torch:  The lightening in my garage isn’t bad but for working in an engine bay or under a vehicle a head torch is great.  Avoid the ones designed to be worn when hiking.  They are ridiculously bright and the beam angle is narrow.  You don’t need that when working close up on something.  The Liggoo’s beam pattern is wide and its USB rechargeable as well.

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