Our 'Rule of 6' inspiring places...

Continuing on the theme of 'Our Rule of Six'... the 6 places we’ve been most inspired by was a relatively easy list to compile: three gardens, two museums and one factory…

Bodnant Gardens in North Wales is epic – the furnace wood is one of the most surprisingly wonderful places that you can enjoy on two levels – viewing it from above and within.  It showcases Victorian plant hunting – the trees are astonishingly impressive, the rhododendron’s and hydrangeas are extensive (so much so we even bought one – which goes against our usual white, burgundy and green planting preference!), the Rose garden is lovely, and the laburnum arch impressive despite not seeing it in flower (it’s on the list to re-visit).

Ironbridge – the obligatory trip to educate the child turned into a favourite destination for both of us. Going on a day when they are pouring iron at Blists Hill is a must, the printing press is great to see in action and the tile museum perhaps sounds dull but is anything but.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan (visited many years ago) confirmed our preference for wildness. In true Guns n’ Roses style it brilliantly bills itself as ‘welcome to the Jungle’ and you do feel you’ve entered another very not British world.  It was after visiting Heligan that we started planting Gunnera and Rhubarb (hate it to eat, love it to look at).

Think Tank – another ‘educational’ trip that became a favourite – as it showcases 250 years of technological development – the collections are impressive – from medical instruments to steam engines in action.

Aberglasney (again in Wales) shows (again) that we like things lost and overgrown (it was ‘uncovered’ in a BBC documentary). The woods are wonderful and there’s the bizarrely brilliant ‘Ninfarium’ which is basically a greenhouse made from the ruins of the house.

Finally, the Triumph factory visit is – well – a triumph, showcasing British engineering ‘live’ in action.

Let us know (via Instagram perhaps?) whether there are any places you reckon we'd like...that could make it into 6 places we'll visit next... 

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