Our propagating kit has grown...

Propegating Kit from Tinker and Fix - great gift for gardenersPropagation can be brilliantly rewarding, or hugely frustrating - depending on whether it works or not.  Given it’s a great way to increase the number of plants you have for free, you can definitely invest in a propagating kit - as it’ll definitely save you money for years to come at the garden centre or plant sale. The other thing I personally love about propagation is that you can have your own piece of a plant that has meaning to you. My dad’s a huge wisteria man and I’d go so far to say he’s rather well known for it in his corner of Rutland (ok – it is England’s smallest country, so this isn’t a big boast). Propagation means that we have some of his plant (it’s just a shame I can’t seem to keep in going after he - repeatedly - gives it to me).   

Having a propagation kit to hand helps – we’ve got the tools you need, and you can pick up your chosen rooting compound and add it to our tin to keep it all safe (or make your own – which is apparently a thing, but not one we’ve explored).

One of the key tools you need if you want to take softwood cuttings, basal cuttings or indoor plant leaf cuttings, is a very sharp penknife. Opinel knives are perfect for the job and our propagating kit also includes a blade sharpener – because keeping your penknife sharp will help to increase your propagation success rate. It's down to personal preference if you want a curved blade knife (helps when taking cuttings) or a standard garden knife (which is a good all rounder and best for leaf cuttings).

Our propagating kit includes a pair of Niwaki snips – which are excellent for making a clean, precise cut.  Obviously if you’re taking larger or hardwood cuttings, you’ll want to use a pair of sharp, clean secateurs – but we assume you already have these – if you’re at the propagating stage of gardening.

There are a couple of Tinker and Fix pencils in the kit too – not only do use as a dibber when propagating, but also (definitely in our case) to prompt you to remember to label up what you’ve propagated!

We’ve relaunched the propagating kit with a new option of housing it all in a beautiful Japanese toolbox. These tins are a nice size and stackable too (should you want another one for your seeds). Everything fits in nicely (once out of their boxes), to keep your propagating kit together. Also – this new edition – although more expensive as it includes the price of the toolbox – makes a really nice gift. For the gardener who wants to step up their gardening to the next level by propagating their own plants.

We just can’t promise that having all the kit will equal propagation success. It certainly doesn’t in our greenhouse – but it’s definitely fun trying.


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