Our NEW Coveralls have got you covered

Overalls for the workshop or garage from Tinker and Fix

I used to wreck good jeans and t-shirts on a regular basis. Mainly down to those jobs you think are going to be quick and easy – but actually end up covering you in oil, paint or dust. 

I’m much better than I used to be and now try and get changed before starting any job. Sometimes an apron is all that’s needed but a good long sleeve coverall has always been my preference. I’ve had a set of Dickies for a while but when the knees finally blew out I thought, why not do our own?

Coveralls from Tinker and Fix - overalls for use in the garage, workshop or garden

Our new heavy duty navy cotton coveralls are the result of that idea. They have been made for us by Boyd’s Printworks. They are everything you’d expect or want from a coverall (good quality, good fit) with an embroidered Tinker and Fix logo patch. These will definitely look better with a  few oil stains…. Unlike that favourite t-shirt.


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