Otter Wax is back in stock, and is a must-have for wet weather!

Otter Wax bars and tins of otter wax fabric dressing from Tinker and Fix

FINALLY! Otter Wax is now fully back in stock! We had a lot of people buy Otter Wax Fabric Bars and tins in readiness for winter, so we ran out and we've been waiting for our delivery for a little while... but it's now back in stock, here in the UK at Tinker and Fix!  

We're pleased we are now fully stocked on every thing Otter Wax - that includes the Leather Oil and the Leather Care Kit

 What's Otter Wax & why do I need it? Here's a quick introduction...

Otter Wax is a range of environmentally friendly products that are all totally natural (no fear- it's not made from Otters!) for:

  • reproofing and re-waxing wax jackets  (e.g. your Barbour or Belstaff jacket)
  • making cotton fabrics waterproof
  • cleaning, maintaining, restoring and generally looking after leather or suede shoes, jackets, bags, saddles, seats (for cars, bikes or motorbikes etc)

We’ve been using and stocking Otter Wax since we first began Tinker and Fix – we highly rate it and bring it in from Portland in Oregon (where they know all about wet weather) where it’s all made by hand in small batches using the highest quality ingredients.  This is a really important point... the wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and a blend of plant-based waxes and oils, it doesn’t include paraffin, silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients. So it's a  'good' range of cleaning products that you can use. 

How do you use it?

You can use Otter Wax for re-waxing your jackets - as all wax jackets do need re-waxing regularly (we’d suggest annually – but it depends on how much you use them obviously). You can use the Fabric Bar to apply to certain areas that need some treatment, or chose a tin of Heat Activated Fabric Wax to re-waterproof your entire jacket back to its original ‘factory waxed’ form.  It's a tin that you heat up and can paint the wax on - so it's useful if you are doing larger jobs. 

Otter Wax Fabric bars for waxing jackets or waterproofing

Using Otter Wax to make other items waterproof - basically you can rub (or paint) it onto any cotton and it makes it water proof. So you can use it on clothing (or overalls/walking kit etc). It solves the problem of buying waterproof kit that then stops working because it is a plastic bag coated in chemicals (read more here about this).  What can you waterproof... well cotton hats or caps are really popular (definitely for when you are dog-walking and don’t have a hand free for an umbrella!). They are also a great ‘starter project’ for Otter Wax – you can see how you apply it, what coverage you need for different levels of waterproofing, and how the wax affects the look and feel of the cotton fabric. Or you can apply it to your jeans (great for if you’re on your bike or motorbike), or – like we do – to the knees of our overalls to avoid wet patches when we are kneeling in the garden.

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit available at Tinker and Fix

Using Otter Wax for cleaning and caring for leather or suede - you need to clean and care for your footwear to protect them against the elements too. Leather is a skin (sorry to any vegetarians or vegans reading this) and so it needs to be cleaned and nourished via leather oil to stop it from cracking and to keep it supple and conditioned.  The Otter Wax Leather Oil is a base of oleic-rich safflower oil and fortified with vitamin-e, which provides a deep shine while nourishing, protecting, and revitalising all types of leather. Also - Otter Wax Leather Oil  is all-natural oil – so it hasn’t got any petroleum or silicon in it – which is good for you, the leather, and the environment. The Leather Care Kit has everything you need to clean and sort out your shoes and bags, as well as car seats, bike or motorbike seats, in an environmentally friendly way.  The Suede cleaner is a hydrating eco-friendly formulation of organic aloe leaf, witch hazel, and castile soap gently cleans suede while replacing essential vitamins and nutrients.

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