Orange, Autumn and Edd's favourite colour choice

Autumn Orange - painted handle axes and hori-hori's from Tinker and Fix

Edd’s favourite colour is orange. The bright orange scimitar in the garage is a testament to this love.

However, this colour choice is, to be honest, quite surprising - given it’s quite a bold and extrovert colour – one that imbues fire, energy, and amusement. I’m certainly not being harsh – but his personality is perfectly summed up by a badge he wears on his Carhartt dungarees, which says ‘sorry I was late, I didn’t want to come’ (which is surely quite an un-orange statement?!)

But as well as being bold and bright and (perhaps a little brash), orange is also the colour of Autumn – which is, without argument – the most beautiful and fun season. With leaves changing colour to gorgeous, burnished hues of orange, and Halloween highlighting the brilliant time you can have with some pumpkins and apples.  

So perhaps it does make sense after all. And explains why, time and time again, it’s the colour he defaults to using when he’s painting axes, hori-hori’s and hammers.


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