New Opinel Picnic penknife kit - our new favourite

Opinel Picnic plus penknife set from Tinker and FixWe like to give everything a good test in the Tinker and Fix house. We trial things, we use them, we often take them to shows and see if customers actually like them as much as we do.

These Opinel Picnic+ sets have definitely passed. We really rate them and people have really 'got' them, and bought them during the Christmas show period - because they make a cracking gift idea, something new, something interesting, something useful and dare we say it, something really well priced. At £24 - they tick the box of being affordable, great quality, and eminently useful. 

In our eyes this idea is pure genius and deserves the title of “multi-tool” as much as a Leatherman.  It’s incredibly simple.  Take a standard Opinel No 8 knife and design a spoon and fork attachment for it which attach into the end of the penknife when it's closed.  The spoon and fork attachments are secured using the Opinel's 'barrel lock' (vibroloc) system.

It just works and all the utensils are very usable.  If you’ve ever used one of those plastic Sporks then you know that’s not always the case.

The set includes an Opinel No8 pocket knife, spoon attachment and fork attachment.  It wraps up in a small cloth that can double as a napkin.

So now it's made the cut, not just for Christmas gift shows, it's on the website and can be bought here... 

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