New Junior Opinel Penknife - perfect for family camping adventures...

Opinel Junior Penknife and Light my Fire kit - great gift for children, neices, nephews, godchildren who like the outdoors

We’ve been stocking the standard Junior No 7 folding knife for awhile.  We've got a bit of a soft spot for it because it was the first penknife we bought our son when he was ready for one, and he's still got it.  It’s a great first knife as its rounded end removes a danger point from around the campfire.  

But Opinel have changed things up and developed this first penknife further.  The Opinel 07 Junior Penknife still retains the key feature of the rounded end, but switches the wooden handle to polycarbonate (in either red or blue).  This means that its easier to find when it's been put down and more resistant to being left out in the wet for long periods of time (useful for forgetful youngsters and during wet camping trips!). It's also allowed them to add another features - that of a very loud and easy to use whistle (which is incorporated into its handle).  If you’ve ever been separated from your group in a wood then you’ll know just how useful a whistle can be.

Whilst we are talking camping and having fun around the campfire, the 'Light My Fire kits' work perfectly alongside the Opinel Junior Knife as a great gift for your children, nephews, nieces or god children.  This kit contains all you need to start your camp fire and enjoy it too (with an attachment for cooking marshmallows or sausages!) The Junior Opinel penife is perfect for shaving off slivers of wood for kindling from the piece of high resin pine in the kit.  

You can, of course, buy each separately, but together (perhaps even add in a whittling for kids book?) it makes a fantastic gift idea - that will be enjoyed on future camping trips by all!

Finally - please note - whilst this is called a Junior knife, it can only be purchased by someone who is 18+ years old.  As we tell people at shows and events - it's your call as to when is best to introduce your child to safely using a penknife (each child is very different). We knew when it was right for our son and were always present when he used it - in the garden and when in the woods doing camping things. 


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