New Denim Carhartt overalls for women….

New Carhartt denim overalls available at Tinker and Fix

We’re big fans of Carhartt with both of us wearing the overalls when we’re in the garden or garage.   Edd’s been able to test and wear the Carhartt trousers (which he definitely rates and recommends either instead of, or as an addition to the bib overall) and the Carhartt Vest (which is perfect for colder weather and is breaking in nicely).

Unfortunately neither of these new additions fit my body shape (the trousers would be brilliant for a woman who has slim hips – but that’s not me) - so I’m really pleased that we are now stocking the new Carhartt Denim blue bib overalls. They have only just arrived and having given them a quick test, I reckon they’ll be a fantastic piece of kit for any female maker, mender or grower. 

New Carhartt women's Overalls - denim - available from Tinker and Fix

It’s comforting that the Carhartt denim overalls feel the same, but it’s also brilliant that they are slightly different to the original Crawford heavy cotton overalls (which is – if I’m honest - great justification for having both pairs). Here’s what I mean:

  • Carhartt quality - the moment you put them on, you can feel the same quality and brilliance of the design – with all the pockets and double layer reinforcing around the knees.
  • Fabric - the Denim Blue’s are slightly more stretchy than the Crawfords. Both offer a great range of motion - but if you're very active, or like a bit more stretch, then the Denim Blues might be better for you.
  • The fit is almost the same but the Denim Blue's have a relaxed leg fit as opposed to the loose fit of the Crawford.  Neither are tight fitting, but the Crawfords are noticeably roomier in the leg. Depending on the shape of your legs, you may prefer the slightly baggier Crawfords, or the less baggy Denim ones. Personally, I’m absolutely fine with either.
  • Leg length – not sure why, but the Denim Blue's are at least an inch longer in the leg length. We put them at around 31cm as opposed to 30 inch on the Crawford's. Which is great news for some women who have found the Crawford's a little short on the leg (they only come in one size, you can try the Unisex fit which have different leg lengths – don’t ask why they don’t do this in the women’s cut – we have no idea). I’m not tall (5ft 5) so I have to turn up my medium size Crawford's anyway, the good thing about these denim ones is that really suit being turned up (gives it a kooky rockabilly vibe).
  • Wash and wear - to be absolutely honest – they haven’t gone through the machine yet – but then again, I minimise the number of times I wash my overalls (very, very infrequently), and I (consciously) chose to infrequently wash all my denim too (better for them and the environment). Mud seems to dry and fall off the Crawford overalls – we’ll report back on what happens with the Denim ones – or it’s highly likely I may choose to just wear these when it’s not wet outside (as the Crawford's are brilliant for this).  

So – if you’re looking for some overalls for gardening, mending or general usage… you now have more choice! Whichever ones you go for, they are going to be a great fit, excellent quality and they’ll offer great protection in the garden, garage or workshop.  If you want to chat sizing through – just get in touch – we’re happy to help you make the right choice.

- Lou -

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