Making light work of bulb planting…

A selection of Hori Hori Japanese trowels from Tinker and Fix

If you thought the Japanese Hori-Hori trowel was good over the Spring and the Summer, we reckon you’ll find it’s a tool for all seasons as we head into Autumn and bulb planting.  Our heavy clay soil makes heavy work of planting bulbs, but the Hori-Hori (carefully used) is brilliant. Yes, we need to caveat that you shouldn’t yank back in heavy clay soil, but so far - and after many bulbs planted - we’ve found it to be a resilient tool when treated with respect.

We’ve a few Hori-Hori’s to chose from – firstly there’s the brilliant Niwaki Hori-Hori, with its really good-looking canvas holster (or an option to upgrade to the leather holster). Secondly there’s the Hori-Hori that we import from Japan – as we really like the fact it is stainless steel and has a measurement marker on it – especially for bulb planting season! It’s coming into its own right now as we dot bulbs of different kinds (and planting depths) around the garden. Finally, we have painted Hori-Hori’s – it does absolutely nothing to its function – but they look great and make a cracking gift (Edd’ll do personalised colour options too, if possible).

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