Make do and mend this Father’s Day

He’s only gone and smashed down the wall, so he can rebuild it up again.  Luckily it wasn’t load bearing. It was only a garden wall. But it was perfectly fine (pre covid). And then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t (during lockdown). The steps through it needed widening, by just an inch or so. It had, upon hours of reflection and following every single job in the house and garden having been completed to alleviate boredom, apparently always bothered him since he had built it umpteen years back. So down it came, and many happily distracted hours later, it was rebuilt. With those much-needed wider steps.*

My dad’s experience of lockdown mirrors my brothers (must run in the family). He’s been painting every single wall inside and out. Anything to fill the time whilst he’s staying home from his restaurant. How many houses and gardens across the country are freshly painted or planted? How much tinkering, fixing, making and mending has happened?

We reckon that Father’s Day comes just at the right time.  Given that many dads may have started new distracting hobbies during lockdown, or others have perhaps just had more time to actually do them.  So that opens up a wide gambit of great gift ideas. 

Japanese Hori Hori Trowel from Tinker and FixWhere to start? Well, we’ve got a great collection we’ve compiled of Father’s day gifts here. But I reckon that if you have a dad who’s new to gardening, a fantastic pair of secateurs will be a great gift, whilst an experienced gardener would probably really rate a Hori-Hori as an addition to their gardening kit. For the new to DIY dad, I’d suggest the Elementary screwdriver, whilst a more experienced DIY’er may want a great new Japanese Toolbox for his collection of tools.

So why not keep the ‘make do and mend’ movement going for your dad, well past lockdown, with a great father’s day gift?

*I haven't yet been able to see said wall, so the photo doesn't match up - his is Limestone, this is a free stock image!

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