Look after your penknives...

Keep your opinel penknife nice and sharp - maintain penknife blades with our maintainance kit

The purpose of a penknife is to have a sharp blade to hand. Simple. The only thing you need to decide is which penknife is best for you to have (read our other blog on which penknives we recommend).

And the only thing you need to do is keep your penknife blade nice and sharp, so that when you actually want to use it, it functions well!


Maintain your penknife blade - Tinker and Fix help you

Opinel have introduced their own maintenance oil, so we thought it made sense to put together a penknife maintenance kit - meaning you have all the kit you need in one place for you to keep your pen knife blade sharp. The kit contains Opinel's pen knife sharpening steel (7.5cm long) and an Opinel penknife sharpening stone (14cm), as well as a can of Opinel Maintenance oil (for both blade and handle) and a lint free cloth to use. We've put this all together into a cotton drawstring bag so that everything stays together and to hand (and it also makes a good gift for the penknife lover!) 

We can provide everything you need to keep your penknives sharp, you now just need to remember to sharpen them! Have a look at our instagram feed for videos of Edd using the maintenance kit. 

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