Lockdown Library

We’re not quite at the stage where we need to colour coordinate our bookshelves – there’s always something we can do in the garage, workshop or garden before we get to that point.

And of course as we’re self-employed, we find ourselves both working harder to stay afloat, whilst also helping with home education. 

With all this, compounded with what’s going on in the world, we do find ourselves reaching for a bit of comfort reading. Nothing post-apocalyptic. Something good to distract.

There’s an awful lot of other books scattered around the house – this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. It was the ones that we have, or would, re-read or recommend (and came to hand first…)

Edd’s selection shows his preference for non-fiction. Two books not on picture are Ed China’s ‘Grease Junkie’ (currently being read) and Tim Moore’s ‘Another Fine Mess’ – which is on loan to his dad – but a definite recommendation.

My default is fiction (top three recent reads are A Gentleman in Moscow, Circe, and Olive Kitteridge) and whilst I have a stack of gardening books – these are my recent and very old favourites. 

Our joint favourites, for our son Fin (he’s 12), are the brilliant ‘Speed Birds’ and ‘Thing Explainer’.  They’re definitely a must-buy for anyone who wants to inspire minds to be practical, to tinker and fix.

Stay safe.
Stay sane.



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