Light up your summer camping trip with Liggoo ...

Liggoo camping light from Tinker and Fix

We are big fans of the Liggoo light set. Edd uses it as extra light where ever he is working - be it the garage or in the engine bay of the Landrover, It's a mobile spot light - that can be worn, magnetically attached, or attached via hook. 

But at this time of the year, as summer camping season begins, it's great to take away on holiday. Not only can it be used as a 'standard' torch, it can be worn as a headlight, or hung in the tent. It's an incredibly useful piece of kit which can all be packed away nicely, ready for your next camping adventure. 

Don't take our word for it though... the Liggoo light set has been made the top 10 list of torches in the 'Indy Best'. The first year the Liggoo won 'best torch' overall and they described it as being "by far and away the most versatile torch here, there is nothing the Liggoo can’t do.”  Then it was given the accolade of 'best torch for DIY' and the review says: "highly recommended if you're after a torch that can serve many purposes." 

These reviews are brilliant and The IndyBest review is definitely worth a read... because the Liggoo is a torch that once you have it, you don’t quite know how you’ve ever lived without it! Yes, everyone usually has a stack of different torches around the house and garage, so you may not think you need yet another one for your collection. But the Liggoo offers a huge amount of versatility with all the attachments it comes with (torch handle, magnetic clip, hook, and a head band) - so it can be used in a variety of different ways.  It can also be angled to direct light to where you need, it’s re-chargeable, has multiple settings for brightness and whether it is constant or flashing. And as all comes in a handy case it makes it a great gift for the DIY’er, fixer, maker or for people who like to camp. 

So.. whilst the Liggoo torch light set is a really popular gift for DIY fans, we also think it's a perfect present for camping fans too!

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