Liggoo gets into 'Indy Best' top 10 torch list two years running!

Liggoo light from Tinker and Fix gets IndyBest top 10 for 2nd year running

We are really pleased that the Liggoo light set has again, for the second year running been listed by the 'Indy Best' as one of the top 10 torches!

Last year the Liggoo won 'best torch' overall and they described it as being "by far and away the most versatile torch here, there is nothing the Liggoo can’t do.”  This year, it's been given the accolade of 'best torch for DIY' and the review says: "highly recommended if you're after a torch that can serve many purposes." 

We think the review is brilliant and 'gets' what the Liggoo offers. We have known for a while that our Liggoo is a torch that once you have it, you don’t quite know how you’ve ever lived without it! Yes, everyone usually has a stack of different torches around the house and garage, so you may not think you need yet another one for your collection. But the Liggoo offers a huge amount of versatility with all the attachments it comes with - so it can be used in a variety of different ways.

The IndyBest review is definitely worth a read... and you can see which other torches they recommend too, so you can compare how the Liggoo compares to other leading torches too. 

We obviously agree that the Liggoo is brilliant and versatile - because it’s the only torch we sell. The light unit can be added to the torch handle, to a magnetic clip, to a hook, or to a head band. It can be angled to direct light to where you need, it’s re-chargeable, has multiple settings for brightness and whether it is constant or flashing. And as all comes in a handy case it makes it a great gift for the DIY’er, fixer, maker or for people who like to camp. 

We've said it before, but we'll say it again - it’s a proud day in the Tinker and Fix house when one of our products gets an award, accolade or recognition - because these are products that Edd has looked for - e.g. wanting to stock a light or gardening gloves - then he’s tested them. For ages. And made a decision to stand by them and say we recommend them. For others - like the IndyBest - to recognise they are the best bits of kit - is just great. 

The Liggoo is one of two products that we sell at Tinker and Fix that have been honoured with an ‘IndyBest’ award. Our Watson's flex time leather gardening gloves last year won ‘IndyBest’ gardening gloves - which is great as they aren't designed for gardening but were recognised as being good in the garden and workshop!
So if you don't take our word for the Liggoo or our gardening gloves being great - read the IndyBest reviews and hopefully you'll be convinced they are worth investing in for yourself, or giving as a gift to the gardener or DIY'er in your life!

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