It's two months until Christmas day... but are we selling out?

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we aren’t keen on thinking about Christmas until late November, or preferably December. Yes, it maybe exactly two months until Christmas Day today.  But both of us like the calendar turning to December (yes we use a printed calendar on the fridge – how very analogue of us) and thinking about Xmas then. We enjoy the month of December being full of festive fun that peaks on Christmas day and continues through to New Year’s Eve.

We – personally - shop for our presents and gifts in December and do all our planning for our Christmas food as near to the actual day as possible. Two years ago, we memorably planned an entire Christmas Eve party on the 23rd December whilst on the M11 (driving back from three days of Tinker and Fix being at an Xmas show).  It’s fair to say that a good number of those recipes were a disaster. But the M11 food is now a fond Christmas memory and made a good talking point at the time (it was better to talk about it, than eat it).

So, we feel very at odds with the need to balance our own personal preference with that of the commercial reality of running a retail business. That to make some money (to pay actual ‘real life’ bills, rather than just buy ‘real nice’ presents) we have to promote or talk about Christmas before December.  Neither of us like it – but I guess this is what the phrase ‘commercial reality’ means.

Are we selling out? Are we letting go of our morals and preferences? Or are we just selling to those people who like getting organised early? Helping them to get great gifts for the maker, mender or grower in their lives?  So what if it’s earlier than we – personally - would do it. It’s probably a far better idea to be organised and fill the gift cupboard up early. Just like it’s probably better to plan a party more than 24hrs ahead of time. Each to their own and either way – we’re stocked and ready for all (whatever your time preference) to get on with buying the perfect gardening, DIY, workshop or car related Christmas presents!


Ps - if you're like us and leave things to the last minute - you'll need to know our last shipping date - it's the 17th December. 

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