It's only taken 1yr for them to arrive...

Carhartt Denim Aprons

Anyone who reckons supply issues are all a conspiracy theory to make us buy more needs only to keep on reading to know, for a fact, that this simply can't be true....

We ordered these Carhartt denim aprons in January 2021. They arrived this week. Nearly one year later. If it all were a conspiracy, we'd have had these before Christmas, so that we could actually sell them when lots of people wanted them as gifts.  

Instead we now have a stack of these amazing aprons ready for those with a bit of Christmas money to spend, as a new year treat, or a perfect present for birthdays or anniversaries. 

We know they'll be soon snapped up as they are a really comfortable fit, function brilliantly and look fab on too.  And in all honestly we have no idea when we'll be able to get more. Our ordering system now follows the unfortunate pattern of: writing a wish list (sorry - order), putting it in and then crossing our fingers.

2022 has to be better. If not, we'll just hope some more of the 2021 orders we placed arrive unexpectedly!


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