Introducing our new aprons...

We came across Risdon & Risdon when we were looking for a half apron for gardening.  They are a small manufacturer based over in Shrewsbury, who specialise in high quality aprons.  Their Gardeners waist apron is becoming a firm favourite, so we started to have a look at their other apron designs.  
Carhartt is our go to brand for aprons – combining ultra durable duck canvas and quality at a great price.  Carhartt’s Denim aprons have been popular as well and these are a significantly “softer” feel fabric.  For me these have never really appealed as my apron choice needs to hold up to the odd spark from a grinder and general abuse in the workshop.  But not everyone’s tinkering is the same, and when speaking to customers who were buying the denim aprons it became apparent they that were actively choosing the fabric because it was softer and more flexible.  This is what they needed from an apron – as well as the protection.  These customers were the studio based tinkerers and fixers – the sewers, painters and restorers whose aprons didn’t need to withstand the odd flame, but did need to be flexible and non-restrictive.  And so we’ve decided to stock Risdon & Risdon’s Studio Apron for exactly those reasons.  
It’s a great quality apron made from a 7oz canvas, and is available with either leather or cork shoulder straps.  Those straps are a cross back design so the apron sits on your shoulders, not the back of your neck.  Something we really rate in the Carhartt ones. The straps can also be removed to allow the apron to be washed easily (Although I don’t think I’ve ever washed an apron before..).
They’re available in some great colours to brighten up your studio space.

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