If DIY is part of your dad's DNA...

Father and Son from Tinker and Fix walking

If… DIY is part of your dad’s DNA, plants and gardening are you Pa’s preference, or your father likes to fix or restore things like cars and motorbikes – then perhaps we can help you pick the perfect present for Father’s Day?

We don’t ‘do’ naff, disposable ‘straight to landfill’ gifts. Instead, we’ve got a range of tools and kit that make cracking presents for makers, menders and growers (for all occasions including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas!) that will be used and loved all year round!

We’ve put together our top picks for Dad’s Day gifts… you can see them all here. Of course, you can pick anything from around the website – but we’ve put some ideas together that cost up to £45, with plenty of presents ideas around £25 (ish).


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