I wasn't quite on the right track this Christmas...

Tinker and Fix

And just like that, Christmas is over. We’re putting our heads’ around packing away the Christmas decorations and looking towards a new year.

We reckon there were a fair few Tinker and Fix presents opened this Christmas – and despite all the lockdowns and event cancellations, there were definitely more under the collective Christmas tree than last year. And nicely spread out again – with some even heading off to relatives in Australia. We hope the gifts were enjoyed when they were opened – and we know from some of you that they were loved – which is great. We’re happy to help fix the present quandary for you.

If you follow us on Instagram (@tinker_and_fix) you may have seen my video where I explained how, by us creating Tinker and Fix, I’d scuppered myself in the gift-giving department. Because we now sell all of our ideas for great gifts, and because all the new stuff that’s coming on line in 2021 is currently being tested by Edd. So I can’t exactly buy something for him that he has already been using!

On the plus side, Tinker and Fix did do alright by me in the end – as, for a laugh we wrote our own Christmas present wish lists (when our son was writing his) which I pushed up as Instagram story (to Edd’s horror). The wishful list he wrote became a shopping list for me…. things I never knew he wanted – including a railway track anvil. With zero knowledge on exactly what this was meant to be used for, I managed to source one. Regular readers might know I’m rubbish at anything pertaining to size or measurement. I instructed Edd to not answer the door to the postman (difficult when we get a lot of deliveries), as I was absolutely confident he would guess from the size/weight of it. Needless to say, what arrived wasn’t as expected (disappointingly small). Nor was it what was actually asked for. I’d bought a railway sleeper as is. Rather than a polished one that’s ready to use. So it turns out I gave him the gift of a job in the workshop, as he’s had to polish it. But perhaps that’s a win twice over?

- Louise - 

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