“I do” vow to give a useful wedding gift

Alternative wedding gift ideas for practical people who like gardening, making or DIY

It’s officially wedding season which garners the need to buy perfect wedding gifts that will be loved by the happy couple and last a lifetime.

It’s no surprise that July and August are apparently the most popular months to get married, with circa one third of all weddings taking place during these two summer months (according to the ‘Hitched’ website). So we reckon there’s currently a flurry of wedding gift buying – either heading straight to the gift list, or the desperate search for the perfect present that ‘fits’ the couple’s life and interests. Many people head for personalised gifts – putting the new married name on everything from chopping boards to towels and doormats. Others like to buy long lasting gifts that will be used and loved over their lifetime – cookware and tableware surely must be top of the list for wedding presents. But there’s a reality that many people have co-habited before marriage – meaning they have most household ‘things’ before the big day. So experiences come into play – things the couple can do together – which is a great idea.

One thing that doesn’t usually get much airtime is the giving of garden or DIY tools as a wedding gift. I can understand why – it’s not perhaps ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’. But it’s definitely different and would stand out in the sea of other 'thoughtful' gifts. We definitely reckon that it would raise an eyebrow, but then, over time, would become a well-loved part of their household. If you really sit back and think about it, surely the whole point of a wedding gift is to get something you think they would like, love, use and keep.  And why shouldn’t it be something of practical use – kitchen and tableware are both eminently useful and no one blinks an eye at being given a pot for stew, or a jug for water. 

So why not a fork or spade for the garden? A trowel? Or a set of garden tools with matching gardening gloves? If you buy Sneeboer, the tools are guaranteed for life – they won’t break and you can repair the handles. There’s something quite sweet and thoughtful about the meaning behind giving these – a metaphor for marriage (surely it’s rare for a wedding gift to be able to do that?)

Or – a DIY box of goodies – so they can keep their home (like their marriage) in good repair? Perhaps some screwdrivers to help them put up all their wedding pictures?

Yes, it would be good if the wedding couple love gardening or DIY – but if not, they may grow into these interests over time, or it may spark that interest.

Equally, we reckon that gifts should reflect the giver as much as the receiver – so if you are a keen gardener, it makes sense to give the gift of gardening tools – it’s thoughtful. The same applies if you enjoy DIY or making and mending – you are giving a little of yourself when you give the gift to the happy couple.

So perhaps instead of heading to the high street, or ‘not on the high street’ – why not think about giving some garden or DIY tools – and we can absolutely help point you in a good direction – just get in touch and we’ll happily help you pick the perfect practical wedding gift.

- Lou - 

Ps if you're interested, Edd's grandma (wife of Frank, of Tool roll fame) gave us the spoon on our wedding day, and the card was one we liked so used as our wedding invite. 

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