How to choose the right Hori Hori

Hori Hori Japanese Gardening Trowel from Tinker and FixWe’ve become a bit obsessed with the Japanese Hori Hori recently. So much so that we now stock two different versions of this trowel tool (and another Hori Hori project is underway… more on that to follow…)

So, surely a Hori Hori is just a Hori Hori? What’s the difference, difference?!

The main point is that our new Hori Hori’s are stainless steel – the reason we found them and brought them over from Japan.  The Niwaki Hori Hori is standard carbon steel. Stainless steel is far more resistant to rust and stays looking shiny and nice for longer.

The other main difference is that our new Hori Hori has measurements on it – making it fantastic for when you are digging at depth and planting bulbs etc. This a really useful additional feature as it just provides that easy to see guide whilst you’re getting your bulbs in.

So, how do they compare size and weight wise? There’s nothing really in it – the new Hori Hori is marginally lighter (by 5 grams), the handles are almost identical sizes, whilst the blade is slightly longer.  It looks slightly different as a result of being bevelled on both sides, unlike the Niwaki one which is bevelled on one side and across the front tip. The new Hori Hori is also marginally more concave – so from a digging point a view, it’s got a little bit more shape in it.

The most visible difference is perhaps the sheath – the one on the new Hori Hori is very functional, it does the job – it’s a synthetic leather, but it’s nowhere near as nice as the one from Niwaki.  

So both are absolutely great. You can't go wrong with either!  Ultimately though, if you’re keen on your tools being stainless steel, perhaps the new Hori Hori is for you. If you plant a lot of bulbs and like the idea of the measurement marker then it might be the right choice too. If you’ve come to love and trust Niwaki or you’re buying it as a gift and prefer the canvas case – then stick with the Niwaki Hori Hori. They’ll be back in stock in 10 days we hope, but until then, or if you want to go stainless, go for our new version…



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