How many knives do you really need?

You think you’ve got all the knives you could possibly need in your life.  You concede that having duplicates of them in different cars and locations is a bit of a luxury, but it’s not like they aren’t useful (ergo it’s totally justified). And then you find out you’ve been missing something, that all your life you’ve been ignorant.   
I won’t lie. I got a little bit excited when I found out that Opinel made this knife.  I’ve known about, and liked the brand for a long time, using their other knives for other purposes.  The brand is so good in fact that it was an Opinel knife that we first gave to our son to use.   But when I came across this, I felt that little crackle of happiness that you used to get before Christmas as a kid.   And I haven’t been disappointed (unlike that year Santa brought me a BMX instead of a Chopper). 

The Opinel workshop penknife is a cracking thing and now it’s a garage stable. 

It’s the ‘goldilocks’ of blades as it’s 8 cm long (big enough but not too big) stainless steel.  The handle is fiberglass reinforced polyamide and the Virobloc safety locking ring ensures no slips or injuries.  I went for the bright yellow handle, which reduces the amount of time I have to search for it – but if your garage is a bit tidier you can go for the grey handle option. 

The best thing about it is the extra features - the blade has two little notches near the handle.  The first is a cable stripper for wires less than 8mm.  The other one is a wire cutter for wires up to 5mm.

There's also a magnetic bit holder in the base of the handle which takes the two included drivers - a 4mm flat-blade and a PH2 cross head.

So who would this be perfect for? If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing it’s likely you like knives and workshops – so it would be a good addition to your workbench.  We also reckon it would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys tinkering or fixing in the garage and so it would definitely be well received and well loved. You can you buy it here (as long as you are over 18 of course).



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