Have yourself a Carhartt Christmas...

Carhartt Christmas gifts from Tinker and Fix

There's always a lot of talk about 'what is the perfect Christmas present' and how to 'pick out the best Christmas gift'.  The pressure to come up with something this year is perhaps a little heightened - with the current economic climate as it is, there's more talk about cutting back, or buying things that will last and be of use. 

The one brand that we know ticks both those boxes is Carhartt workwear. They build kit to last, they've been doing it for years and the quality is just great. 

So, yes the overalls (mens and womens) are a brilliant buy, but if you're looking for a Christmas gift that is under £50 - then we reckon the Carhartt Apron may tick all your boxes. 

Great for the workshop, garage, greenhouse, studio - it is also cracking for BBQ'ing and a lot of people buy them to use in the kitchen too.  So - the Carhartt Apron has many different uses, it'll last for ages and can be worn by several people in the same house - thanks to its tie back, which means you can adjust it to work on different body sizes. Edd and I share one. And he's 6ft3 and I'm 5ft5 ish. 

You can choose which Carhartt tie-back apron you want to choose - we've got Carharrtt brown and black in stock (in the heavier canvas material) and we also have the Carhartt denim apron too. 




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