Guessing game turns into a great gift idea for gardeners...

There’s an interesting game we like to play when we go to shows. We show people a Hori Hori and ask them what they think it’s for.
The best (and bizarrely repeated answer) during Goodwood was ‘a fish gutting knife’. Given our stand is full of kit for makers, menders and growers, it would be an interesting departure to be selling a single piece of kitchen equipment. (Also just how much fish-gutting is taking place 'out there'?!)
Yes it looks like a massive knife - but it's actually a Japanese garden trowel - which then leads to a conversation about different tool designs around the world. 
This is always a great conversation, and we reckon more than half of the people who we talk to about them end up buying one. Usually as a novelty gift idea for the gardener in their life.
What’s great - for us - is that this novel present is actually a cracking gift for gardeners. So it may be bought in part jest, but we know it will be used in earnest and become a trusted favourite gardening tool. So the surprising conversation becomes a cracking present. That’s a win-win all round we reckon.
P.s. If you are thinking it'd make a good gift idea for Christmas (yes, sorry, it is coming), or a birthday or house warming present - check out the different ones we stock here to be able to make a choice of which Hori-Hori is best.

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