Good things come to those who wait - we have Sneeboer Planting Trowels back in stock!

Sneeboer Old Dutch Planting Trowel available and in stock at Tinker and Fix

Good things come to those who wait. So the adage and advert says. When things are made properly, it takes time.

Of all of the things we sell, we reckon that the Sneeboer tools take the longest to get our hands on (and then into yours) because they are all hand forged in the Netherlands.

It’s a perfect storm really – they are absolutely cracking tools that are in huge demand. They can’t simply make more, because the forge – that’s been in the family for four generations – has a limited capacity. And that’s before the need to enforce social distancing in the space, meaning they’ve had to reduce their team, which has, in turn, decreased the amount of tools they can make.

So whilst we’ve had Sneeboer tools on order for some time – most notably the Old Dutch Style Sneebeor Planting Trowel (before Christmas) - we’ve only just taken delivery of them.   So the good news is, we have these incredibly popular trowels in stock (if they are good enough for Monty Don….!) The bad news is that our next delivery isn’t going to be for another 12 weeks. So – without wanting to sound pushy (not our style), if you want one, please do get one now, or put your name down for the next batch we’ll get.

We do have other gardening tools from Sneeboer in stock – we have the Weeding Trowel and the Tissot Trowel. We have one of the Planting Forks. And we have the Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe – which is my personal favourite, so I don’t understand why we still have those in stock!

And we will be getting a wider range of Sneeboer's in the next delivery (in 12 weeks, just in time for Spring gardening over Easter hopefully). If you have something you particularly want, or have your eye on, do just let us know.  Until then, I'm braving the garden (or possibly the seed catalogues with a cuppa!) 



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