Gloves fit for a queen?

It's the queen's Jubilee weekend and everything is slowly turning purple around us in celebration.  Which led to the following conversation at Tinker and Fix HQ -

Lou: what shall we do for the Jubilee? 

Edd: nothing. 

Lou: nothing at all? Why not? 

Edd: because we don't sell anything remotely royal-related.

Lou: can't we even make a tenuous link in some way in order to sell some stuff and pay our mortgage?  

Edd: like what? 

Lou: take a photo of something purple? 

Women's purple gardening gauntlet gloves from Watson's gloves available at Tinker and Fix

So... in the spirit of jubilee celebrations - we reckon our Watson Perfect 10 garden gloves are 'fit for a queen'.

Not just because they come in purple. But because they are of the highest quality, they are made of stern stuff and you'll get really long service out of them.  

And whilst I'm absolutely not regal in any shape or form - they are the gardening gloves I personally recommend. They are the ones I regularly wear and rate as 10 out of 10.  They have all the benefits of the Watson Gloves we sell at Tinker and Fix - great fit, great quality, great durability. With the added bonus of the reinforced finger tips - meaning that the ends of your gloves don't wear out, nor do you break your nails due to poor protection from your gloves. 

They also have a mini gauntlet - which just adds a bit more coverage for when you are doing heavier gardening. It fits just over where your watch lies and so it helps to avoid scratches and stings on your wrist. 

So we reckon - any woman (or man) - royal or not - would rate the Perfect 10 gardening gloves. And if Jubilee purple isn't your colour preference, you can chose instead to buy them in grey. 

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