Have you ever been told that you are difficult to buy a gift for?  It’s usually done in an accusatory tone – as if it’s your fault.  I don’t think anybody is difficult to buy for – but it means tuning into that individuals needs/wants.  That can be challenging when perhaps you have no real knowledge of their interests.  It means stepping away from the standard soap gift sets, socks and scented candles.  It might also mean buying something that has little “gift value” to yourself but brings a lot of joy to the person receiving it. 

I love receiving tools as gifts.  A single, good quality, 13mm spanner is an awesome gift – but one I know that the person giving has likely had little pleasure in buying.  Tinker and Fix is evolving to help bridge that gap.  All of the products we stock will have to have passed the “gift test” – would it make me smile if bought as a gift for me.  We’re also working on making things for the purchaser more rewarding by adding options for simple gift boxes – to make those spanner shaped gifts more substantial.

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