Gardening Overalls - featured in The Telegraph!

Carhartt overalls

We’re delighted to be featured in today’s Telegraph. They describe the Carhartt bib overalls as “built for movement” - which they absolutely are (especially when bending down whilst gardening).  It did make us laugh though when they describe their aesthetic as “Think Felicity Kendal meets Chanel”.   Now we love a bit of ‘The Good Life’ in the Tinker and Fix house - it’s an institution from our childhood - but Chanel? Not quite sure how that works - but as I’m not a high fashion aficionado, I’ll just have to take their word for it (perhaps there was a famous ‘gardening collection’ that Coco enjoyed back in the day?)

Anyway - thank you to the Telegraph for giving us a shout out. We really rate the Carhartt Bib Overall for gardening (and workshop, garage and DIY generally) - and here’s why:

  1. These are the original workwear overalls, Carhartt have been making these for decades and anything that lasts this long, is because it’s been well designed and made.
  2. They are incredibly durable - they last for ages and get better with age (when you wear them in, the soften, particularly the ‘Duck’ fabric).
  3. They work all year round - if you size up.  Being slightly bigger means you can put jeans or thermals underneath - which then makes them cooler in the summer months (so it's a win-win!).

Which ones are right for me to buy?

  • the unisex or men's versions are called the Carhartt R01 Duck overalls  (not the catchiest of names!)  They come in either Carhartt brown or black and are a heavier weight fabric that needs breaking in. 
  • the women's fit Carhartt Crawford overalls comes in three colour-ways (Carhartt brown, dark brown and black) which are a lighter weight fabric (feel softer than the 'Duck' overalls) and which are shaped for women (with more room for hips and busts).

But of course anyone can wear which ever ones they prefer they prefer (fit and style). As the women's version comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large - we often have women with longer or shorter legs going for the unisex version, because they are sold by waist and leg size. Equally, we've had some men buy the Carhartt women's overalls becuase they prefer the softer fabric. 

So what do you need to know before you buy them….


  • We talk about sizing a lot - and ultimately it depends on your body shape as to which overalls fit you better. In simplistic terms, if you have long legs then maybe the unisex ones might fit better. If you don't care about having a fly and prefer the lighter fabric, the 'crawford carhartt overalls' may be a better choice.
  • If you want to see my fit guide on instagram, it’s on one of videos…. you’d have to scroll back a bit - but it is there! Or just get in touch if you want more information or come to a show to try some on!


  • We stock all there colour options of the women's Crawford Bib Overall (Carhartt brown, dark brown and black) and both colour options of the  men's Carhartt Bib overalls (Carhartt brown and black).
  • The classic 'Carhartt brown' looks great but can show up dirt a little more than the black or the dark brown (which is a rich chocolate colour and masks mud from gardening beautifully!)

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