Garden shows... are bloomin' great!

Tinker and Fix at Garden Shows

We're really enjoying taking Tinker and Fix out on the road at some garden specific shows this Spring and Summer. 

So far we've headed to a couple of the Plant Finders fairs - Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire, and Carsington Water in Ashbourne. And we really enjoyed hanging out at the Plant Lovers' Day in Creake Abbey, Norfolk. 

We are very excited to be heading to the Royal Windsor Flower show - what's not to like about a flower show set in the Royal Park at Windsor? We'll be there on Saturday 10th June - come and say 'hi' if you are attending - we really enjoy meeting people IRL (as the teenagers say!)

Then we'll be heading to Leicester Botanic Garden Plant Sale on the 2nd July, another Plant Finders fair at Southwell Minster on Sunday 6th August, then our final plant show will be when we head to Holkham Plant Fair on Saturday 23rd September. Holkham Hall is a firm favourite of ours - so it will be good gardening event to finish the season - before we head into Christmas shows in November and December!

So far, Sneeboer is going down a storm - particularly as keen gardeners can actually feel the difference between the different types of Old Dutch Trowels - as we have the long and short handle cherry versions, as well as the Ash version (made popular by being seen on Gardeners' World!)  Niwaki is always popular too. Gardeners have enjoyed seeing the range of garden specific brushes we have, along with our secateur maintenance kits - as they serve as a good little reminder to look after your garden tools to keep them working throughout the gardening season! 

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