For mums who like to tinker and fix, grow, make and mend...

All set for Mother’s Day? If you’re needing something a little less generic that the usual flowers, chocolate or jewellery we might have you covered.  We’ve got a stack of gift ideas for the mum who likes to tinker and fix, grow, make and mend. 

How about swapping:

Other things we think the Tinker and Fix mum might like are anything Carhartt – aprons, overalls, tool belts (which are great for gardeners too). And pen knives – practical mums need a practical blade around the garden, garage or home.  We’ve got a choice of classic wood handled ones from Opinel or some funkier versions from Deejo with coloured handles and etched blades.

And, if you need a card adding to your gift, we’ve got that covered too.  We reckon the ‘you rule’ card says enough without being gushing.




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