We are proud to be supporting the Harbs Collective ‘FiverFest’ in the Eco Village in Market Harborough.  This is a cracking initiative that encourages people to spend just £5 in local shops.  It’s amazing how this all ‘adds up’ to boost the local economy – if every adult in Harborough spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses it would mean an extra £17.8 million per year going into the local economy.  Ok – we know we are an online retailer too, but we are independent, we are local and we are proud to have a base at the Eco Village. 
So, to celebrate ‘FiverFest’ we’re running three offers, available at the Eco Village only. Given Spring is, well, Springing, we’re offering two of our gardening brushes at just £5 each – the brilliant Lawnmower Brush (seriously - who knew this would be so useful to keep your lawnmower working well) and the Gardening Tool brush – because you need to clean your dirty tools to keep them in great condition and to avoid having to replace them.  Both are normally £6.95 each – but they’ll be on offer for just £5 each at the Eco Village.

We are also offering Fixits for a Fiver (normally £6)– these mouldable eco-plastic fixing sticks are easy and quick to use – just heat them in some hot water and mould it to the shape you need to fix (we’ve found they are particularly good at mending cables that have frayed). 

Sorry these offers are not available online (as that would kind of defeat the point of FiverFest!) So pop and have a browse at the Eco Village  (59 St. Mary’s Road, Market Harborough) and see what other fab things you can pick up for a fiver…..

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