Fedecca - whittle your own Christmas gift...

TInker and Fix in the Press We're thrilled to report that the Fedeca continues to be a 'hit' with the Christmas gift guides in popular magazines!

Following on from last Christmas, which saw this amazing penknife kit being featured in numerous magazines including The Field, Country Homes and Interiors, and Reclaim,  it's been featured in Homes and Interiors Scotland. 

We’ve always been big fans of the Fedeca as it’s the kind of gift that goes beyond birthday or Christmas – you have the fun of opening it, working out what it is, actually spending time making it, then the ability to use and enjoy it for the rest of your life. Not many presents tick all those boxes. 

It's great to read about the Fedeca ‘make your own craft knife kit’ in Homes and Interiors Scotland - as they suggest it is good for an experienced crafter who is the hunt for new hobby: 

So – if you’re stuck for a great present – surely we (and all these magazines) can’t be wrong? There are two kits to chose from – the Folding Knife Kit  (£69.95) and the Craft Knife Kit (£39.95). Both enable you to build and customise your own Japanese penknife – even with the absence of your own forge.  You get everything you need to carve, whittle and personalise it. We reckon it could just be the perfect go-to gift for the outdoor lover, crafter, maker or mender in your life. 

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