Not going 'blue' for Father's Day - some thoughts and gift ideas...

Father's day gift and card ideas for dads who like to make, mend and growIt’s that time of the year again when shops go ‘blue’ and try convince us all that a dad’s DNA is made up, very specifically, of beer, golf, gardening, driving, DIY, or bailing out naughty children who have their hands open for money.

It’s a toss up between whether Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is more outdated in the way they portray gifts for men or women.

Yep some men like DIY and gardening. And we can definitely suggest some gift ideas for dads who like to make, mend and grow - presents that they would be pleased to receive (rather than most of the 'straight to landfill gift tat' that fills the supermarket shelves when it's Dad's Day). And yep, of course some women like the same thing. And, unsurprisingly, some men and women sometimes don’t like the same things, even when they do, or don’t have families.

With that Dr Seuss style roundup complete - here’s our guide to what you could buy a dad who likes to spend time in the garage, workshop, garden or allotment - who likes to Tinker and Fix - whether that’s on cars, bikes or in the home doing DIY or restoring things.  Click here for cracking gift idea for Father's Day... 

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