Father's day Favourites...

Father's day favourite gift ideas from Tinker and Fix for dads who like to DIY - japanese toolbox with hammer, penknife, DIY scissors, screwdriver and spannersFather's Day is fast approaching and if you haven't already thought of a great gift for dad, then hopefully we can help!
Rather than just reaching for some chocolates, beer or a pair of socks... why not get them a gift they'll enjoy for years to come. 

We've got suggestions for dads who like to
Make. Father's day presents for dads who
like to Mend and do DIY. And for Gardening dads too.

Edd's top suggestion would definitely be The Frank Toolroll - as it's a great place to keep your tools safe and you can never have enough toolboxes or tool rolls for storing different tools in different places (the car, garage, house, workshop etc). 
Or, alternatively:
- the perfect Elementary screwdriver gift
- one or two King Dick spanners 
- some DIY scissors from Whiteley's

Gardening gift ideas for Father's Day - Niwaki hori hori garden knife, gardening gloves, Korean Homi, Opinel penknife or Niwaki secateursLou's top suggestion would be a Hori-Hori gardening knife - becuase if your dad doesn't have one already, he will love it! Chose either a Niwaki Hori Hori or one of our serrated Hori Hori's
Or, alternatively: 
- an Opinel garden penknife, which is perfect for cutting gardening string or compost bags
- a Korean Homi, a great gardening tool if they garden in heavy soil 

If you want to have a look at all of our Father's Day gift ideas, then check out our collection here. 

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