DIY Pen knife

Opinel DIY Knife from Tinker and FixPenknives are one of the most useful tools to have around the garage and garden.  We always have one to hand.  In the workshop we’ve got a broken kitchen knife - with the top edge blunted – that we have to cut tape, string, gaskets, whatever we need.  This was before we knew the Opinel Pen Knife existed.

It’s a really simple, high quality pen knife. As with all Opinel Pen Knives, it’s got a simple locking mechanism – you just turn the dial on the hilt and the knife locks into place safely.

So what makes it so great for DIY purposes?

Firstly, it’s got a thicker, studier blade than they have on their other pen knives. Making it able to handle things that are bit more heavy duty around the garage or workshop.

It also has a couple of notches on the blade – specifically designed for stripping wire and string. Being absolutely honest – if I were to be stripping wire, I’d probably still reach for a pair of wire strippers. But if I didn’t have one to hand, it would be useful. The notch for cutting string is a real plus though – it works really well on tough string and even lightweight wire.

They’ve got a couple of screwdriver bits cleverly embedded into the handle of the pen knife. You can pop them out and attach them to the magnetic hex bit which is on the end. Meaning you can use it as a standard screwdriver - which is quite nifty. There’s a PZ2 (Pozi Drive 2 – one of the most common used driver bits) and a 4mm flat head. It does actually work well. Would it replace my other screwdrivers? No. But it’s there if I don’t have one to hand, making it a great all-round DIY pen knife to take away with you (is it just us that ends up on holiday mending kit that the kids have broken?)

Blade shape – when compared to standard Opinel pen knife there is quite a difference. Whilst the standard Opinel knives are great all-rounders – for cutting all manner of stuff in the garden, or even fruit/bread etc - but the shape of blade isn’t great for getting the tip down when you’re cutting. The shape of the blade on the DIY Pen Knife makes it much easier to cut card, gaskets etc.

It’s pretty indestructible because its handle is made of polycarbonate – and given it comes in bright yellow you’ll never lose it if you have a messy garage or workshop (it also comes in grey if you don’t have this problem!)

So the broken kitchen knife has been relegated and the Opinel Pen Knife claims its spot. Not bad for £22.95. Check them out here if you wanted to treat yourself, or someone else (one may well be making its way as a gift to Lou’s dad for Father’s Day this year….no fear – he never reads our blogs - so this won’t spoil the surprise!)


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