Deadheading – who knew?!

It's the time of year to Deadhead in your garden - tips on the best tools to use from Tinker and Fix

Turns out there are two types of deadheading… the kind I know and am doing a lot of at the moment, and another kind that I had no idea about!

Apparently, deadheading is a travel term too. So if a train or plane goes without goods or passengers (to get back to where it needs to be), it’s ‘deadheading’. Or if a flight crew is in the wrong place, they ‘deadhead’ back.  So whilst there may be a ‘summer of travel chaos’, there’s always an opportunity to learn something.

For us, deadheading is ongoing during the summer months. As well as cutting flowers to enjoy in the house, there’s the challenge of keeping the blooms in the garden repeating throughout the season too. Especially as we enjoy roses – they need good regular deadheading for the repeat flowerers to keep the garden looking good at this time of year.

So the tools most in our hand at this time of year are the Niwaki Sentei secateurs (or depending on your hand size or preference- this may be the Niwaki GR pro’s or GR pro lightweights), along with the Niwaki garden snips, or Niwaki garden scissors.  I use the Niwaki secateurs for most of my deadheading, unless the flowers are in a tight spot, which is when I’d change to the snips. And the Niwaki garden scissors are used for cutting flowers from the cutting patch.

Hopefully this will be a successful season of deadheading – either in the garden, or getting planes, trains and automobiles where they need to be!

- Lou -

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