Colourful or classic Carhartt colours?

Carhartt Beanies available at Tinker and Fix
Carhartt have been making these beanies since 1987.  Originally designed as a workwear essential they soon became a go-to favourite for anybody when the temperature drops. 

But this old favourite (it's even called the Carhartt Classic Watch Beanie, as it's the original beanie) has been updated to include some new brighter colours. Carhartt Beanies in all colours

Now we are big fans of the traditional, muted, Carhartt colours (Edd's been wearing the Carhartt brown one for years and I've got the burgundy or 'wine' colour one), but we've been tempted by the new colours - notably the orange one. Surprisingly, orange is one of Edd's favourite colours (for painting hammers and axes, but also for wearing), so this led the way to us getting some more colours of these great beanies in stock, and the other blues and greens are great additions to our range too.  

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